Sunday, June 1, 2014

random pics in San Diego

Imperial Beach

the best thing a mom could lay her eyes on....

Watching seals at La Jolla beach

Balboa Park

I love to push my stroller around Rohr Park in Bonita. It is a 3 mile route and the kids will get in and out of the stroller and exercise too. On this day we saw 2 big gopher snakes, and some turtles, carp, and ducks eating bread. The kids loved it.

misc. camping and playing pics

so pround of my kids lego sculptures. They made these at the Bonita library story/craft time.

In front of the shark and fish tank at the Chula Vista Nature Center

Monday, May 26, 2014

Adventures of the W-Gs in San Diego

selfie @ Imperial Beach
Enzo and the squeaky squids
Noah loves bubbles
Called the "kissing statue" also "unconditional surrender"
Port of San Diego
Noah falls asleep to the sounds of the surf at Imperial Beach
Campland on the bay
a pic from Mt. Pleasant before we moved
In Mt. Pleasant (but I haven't blogged for so long I threw a couple oldies in)
I love this eel. (at Nature Center in Chula Vista)
"Sister....let us give all these tourists the icy eyeball ALL DAY EVERYDAY. It is our duty....."

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & a few randoms

a perfect circle

Brownie's Pups

how to make indoor furniture look cool on the front lawn--- wear sunglasses while you're on it.


making meatloaf on the barbi is not for the rule followers.

baby boo

primero and segundo


be discovered!