Saturday, January 26, 2013

Random Winter Album

Boo Boo week of his 2nd birthday. I nursed him to sleep on this couch at Cedar Crest. He is wrapped in blankets made by my cousin Molly, and Sis in law Kris. He has on shoes from his Aunt Jenny and a ski suit from Alex Uncle Jose's family. Totally wrapped in love!

Aspen, our family's first dog having a comfy nap on our couch. I let him out to pee last week and he hasn't come back yet. The same day a couple of local dogs came to camp out on our lawn. They are trying to court our female dog. They have been here for a week waiting.  One suitor moos really loud like a cow trying to prove his inner torture and passion. The other hobbles around on 3 legs trying to get the "I need to be nurtured" edge. I hope that there is some kind of mating season going on right now and Aspen is camped out on someone elses lawn, hoping for a little romance.

This is a leftover chili waffle. I made chili in the crockpot one too many times this winter, and the last batch hung around for a few days. I tried to re-sell it buy mixing it up with some cornbread batter and making waffles. Kids loved it, but Alex would not dare try. I think that the occasional free falling kidney bean was an optical aversion for him.

This is the jewel of my cupboards right now. It is a breakfast bar designed to make oatmeal a 5 star experience. I have 4 more of this style of tupperware in my fridge with a chopped and ready to go salad bar that (at times) rivals Sweet Tomatoes. Super proud, and I found all the separators at thrift stores.

This is me with no eyes, no nose, and a chin that would make any superhero green with envy.

The boys love Spiderman. They got these cool pillows for Christmas. I love to admire them on top of their made beds bc I know the time will come too soon when all of the action hero paraphernalia is replaced with whatever gadgets are going to be better than i-phones and the like in 10 years.


Little Smokies and Vegitarian Sushi....Special treats for New Year's Eve!

Kris's Quiches

Silly Sibs

Happy New Year's Sparklers

photo booth fun

Enzo's itsy bitsy spider!

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  1. That oatmeal bar topping idea is pure genius..seriously!